Saturday, June 04, 2005


It is a Saturday, I can spend whole day reading a fascinating book about discovery of WWII German U-boat, called: shadow divers from Robert Kurson. I got this non-fiction in Rowland Height library quite accidently. I was running short of my reading material. I started uninterested in theories, principles. I have read many inspirational books for last four years. Now I want different kind of reading material, I want to read the experience of life inself. The book took me to the heart of human spirit that have stretched my imagination.

With the story unfolded, the destiny have paved the way for two men obsessed to discover the identity of shipwreck 50 miles off the New Jersey coast. I am half way through the book, my spirit is uplifted with every page turn. I shall know the identity of the U-boat that lied in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean in a few days.

In the meantime, my voyage for lucid dreaming seems to go no where. For a week, I don't have significant impression of my dreams, I have hit a void in my dream world. There must be a way to project my conscious awareness into my dream word, yet I have no idea how to do that. I still carry with me the vibrational alarm every day, every hour to remind me doing reality check. I fill my thought of fantasizing lucid dreaming often, and yet when I was dreaming, none of what I have done matters. Dream world is still off-limit to my conscious awareness.

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