Sunday, July 31, 2005

A common theme of my dreams

This observation might not be significant, but it is worthy of exploring due to the frequency of my dream theme. This morning I had an ambiguous dream, in the dream amid of all the happenings, I remember a scene that I checked my purse and found out there is nothing in my purse, my wallet isn't there, is gone. I did not feel any emotional worry or concern, but since missing purse is such a frequent scene in my dream, I like to know what can be made of this?

The interpretation might be, I am unconsciously worry about my finance, or I am longing for achieving financial success. C Jung said that dreams are, after all, compensations for the conscious attitude. Since I do not deliberately think about my finance or my success during waking hours, the worry and concern show up on my dreamscape, because I suspect it is dormant and alive in my subconscious awareness.

The realm of unconscious is fascinating. They are there, 24-hours, dormant, quitely influencing our daily life from decision that we made, attitude, likes, dislikes, habitual behaviors to our personality due to our unique personal experiences throughout thousands of incarnations.

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