Sunday, August 21, 2005

In a thousand years or in an instant

A week has passed. During the week, I am following my routine. I am reading a book called: "The Mind Accelerator". Not very surprisingly the first phase is about mind conditioning and identity restructuring. I am familiar with using affirmation in alpha and Theta brainwave state to reprogram our mind for optimal performance. After so many years engaging in self improvement program , I believe there is a common thread on all the self help program. The common denominator is meditation.

Before meditation can be effective, one must undergo a good program to understand how life works, what is the force behind all the seeming accidents, illnesses, violence, tragedies, traumas as well as happiness, fulfillment, peace and joy. In this sense, I am grateful for Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series and The Pathway for Mastership program. They lay the foundation and instill in my consciousness the growing seeds of knowledge and wisdom. With the seeds planted solidly underground, the meditation serve as water, sunlight and fertilizer.

With last several years self training, I am able to maintain conscious awareness in that state for one and half hours, the maximum for me is two hours. The quality of meditation is just as important as the quantity of meditation. I admit, there was always an uphill battle for stilling one's mind. With the hustles and bustles of modern society, the stillness of the mind is a much more difficult task to do than the ancient time when life was much simpler.

Meditation is a slow but sure way to enlightenment. Each session of meditation pierces a layer of illusions of what we call life. Gradually and eventually, our true self shines all around, we are one with the infinite universal mind. Yes, it might take a thousand years, or it may happen in a instant.

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