Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mind project into industrial compound

After one and half hour's meditation, I layed down and relax, within may be several minutes, the familiar sensation of vibration forcefully eject my consciousness up into the air, this time the energy seemed to be stronger than usual, I was not just float, I was gripped in a powerful energy field that snapped me out of my body into the direction of my bedroom ceiling.

Before I hit the ceiling, I halted abruptly before it, and I saw images I can only describe that it is like a sponge magnified in 10,000 times or so. There are huge space between the elements of ceiling material, the ceiling is essentially not as solid looking as it usually look. My consciousness then suddenly back off from celing and then speed up to approach it several times.

I got brave the last time, I stretch out my hand to touch the ceiling, but I felt nothing, as if it is just an empty and hollow space. I then journey out of ceiling and into outdoor. I flew through the space and then I was landed in the area looked like industrial compound. I saw concrete boulders all over. Just when I thought, "what am I going to do in this place", I came back to my senses.

When I got back to my senses, I was contemplating the images that I saw of my bedroom ceiling. According to quantum physics, matter is energy, they are not just exchangeable, they are one and the same.

Last time that I mind projected, I saw the granite texture of my ceiling, this time of projection, I believe my consciousness has become more refined and aware, I saw the texture of ceiling as hollow like quantum physics's atom. Expansive space between the material. My astral hand is an energy field that can pass through the wall.

In the realm of astral is as in the realm of spirit, I am a spirit, a forceful energy field, that can fly through the wall and penetrate any solid material.

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