Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Projecting over Mediterranean towns - A Mind Travel Experience

I was not meditating too well, my mind was not as quite as yesterday morning's session, after about 45 minutes, I got back to sleep and remembered to affirm " I am dreaming....". After a little while, the vibration started and off I went floating up and out of my bedroom window. I floated in an expansive space, and saw a city dotted with red and white buildings.

I was conscious and aware and remember myself silently affirming that I like to go to Himalaya mountain. But my intention did not translate into changing my travel direction. I was still floating and observing the scenery down below. Gradually I descended down and landed on the street next to a small booth selling animal toys. While I was landing I saw two toy tigers locking head to head fighting with each other and when I landed next to it, I said to them "stop fighting" as if they are real. As soon as I landed, I was back to my physical senses and the scenery faded.

When I was back to my senses, I immediately labeled the city that I was traveling as Mediterranean cities. Well, the strange thing is I have never been in Mediterranean Sea or cities. In my conscious awareness, I do not know how they look like, but I was certain that was the city in that mind projection.

I like to point out that my experience is more like mind projection than astral travel. when most people astral project, they have the conscious awareness of their body, some people can see and feel their hands, feet and other part of body, and they often turn around on top of the ceiling and are able to look at their physical body lying on bed.

For me, I never feel any connection with a body, I never see or even desire to see myself. The way of my out-of-body experience feels more like energy, mind or spirit that was traveling. My awareness at mind project feels exactly the same as when I am physically aligned.

With many mind project experiences, I have long realized that the essence of me is not the eyes, face, hands or figure that I am presenting to the world. These are but the temporary shelter for my soul, the essence of me lies in my consciousness, my awareness.

Like many of my mind projects, I do not have control of where I am going. I just go with the flow. And even if I stated in my mind where I like to go, it does not change anything, so basically I am not in charge of my mind project.

What if I can be in full control of my flight plan? Then the world, my backyard, and the universe, my playground.

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