Sunday, June 12, 2005

Electricity, what is it?

Not much progress made on lucid dreaming project. In fact, I have not remembered my dreams for more than 3 weeks.

During the time, I have continued to work on my connection with univese, finished reading the "shadow Diver" and gone on reading "Electric Universe" as of now. As I have indicated in previous post, my book selection start to shift from theory to practical application of any known universal laws. Under previous inclination, I will not be interested in reading physics related material, but I found "Electric Universe" fascinating. As scientists gradually discovered many different aspects and properties of electricity, the application is infinitely expanding. We are taking granted the convenience of electricity in our modern society, that we seldom think about it at all. But looking back, we realized that many scientific breakthrough was the result of many decades (or even centuries) and many scientists relentless pursuit of their vision.

Now we live in a society that electricity infiltrate in every aspect of our life. We can't live without it anymore. Just a short two hundread years ago, we did not even know its existence.

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