Saturday, June 18, 2005

OBE with chorus and children giggling!

I drove to visit someone. By the time I got midway, it was dark. I did not get to where I intended to go. Then, I found that my car was trapped in between two big trucks. I was not sure what to do. Then, there was a gentleman led me to his house. I am not sure why, but I waited in a room that had an altar. While I waited there, I saw a metal scrupture image of a man in the altar. Then the gentleman that led me to his house came in the room and woked up the metal sculpture. I was shocked and embarrassed of knowing he was a real person. I kept thinking, was I behaving appropriately while I was watching that sculpture? He seemed to have magical power.

Shortly afterwards, I floated up and down around my room, then headed across the window, while I was floating, I heard pleasing music and children's giggling sound. I felt that I was not the one that in charge of my flight. Several times, I felt a sharp turn and I immediately changed the direction of my float, almost like a roller coaster ride. I sensed there was an invisible force sending me on this journey. All the while, the singing and children's giggling continued. I woke up feeling very happy indeed.

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