Saturday, June 25, 2005

A journey of inner plane!

A week has passed, I have no dream experience. For some unknown reason, I seem to not remembering anything at all upon waking. In this past week, I also got back to my meditation routine in earnest. I will take my quick 15 minute lunch and settle for 45 to 50 minutes meditation. I felt refreshed and clear minded after that. I especially like the morning meditation. It is like clockwork, I will wake up between 4:35 to 5:35 am and settle for 1-2 hours meditation.

I have since finished reading "shadow Divers" and gone on the book "One Giant Leap" about the only astronaut that I can remember the name, Neil Armstrong. As I have shifted the selection of my reading from theory to experience, I increasingly enjoy especially the real life experience as opposed to novel. I have not come across a novel that can rival the detailed accounts of human inspirational spirit in overcoming obstacles and uplifting the mind and soul of the readers.

Life is a journey, but my journey is more focused on inner exploration as opposed to outer discovery. I have not one day forget reminding myself the possibilities of reaching the highest level of frequency, vibration, consciousness and awareness afford a man in this lifetime. If I desire enough, if I work hard enough, if I impress my subconscious enough, all these inner discovery and adventure are waiting to unfold. As a man think, so is he.

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