Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tumbling down the stairs

Around noon time yesterday, I got into the routine of doing my running fast downstairs and excited about the meditation that followed after my brief 15 minute lunch.

I was thinking about something and did not pay much attention while I flew down, and in a split second I found myself tumbling, and rolling downhill unable to stop on the 12 steps of concrete stairs. I finally stopped at the third base and heard the water bottle that I held in my hand precipitated down yet another flight of stairs below to the last base. I was shocked when it was over. It took me more than several minutes to get back up, I felt hurt on my knee, and I rolled up the pant and immediately saw several good size scrapes on my knee.

What happened? I can't remember how did it start? I missed the step? All that I remember was that while I rolled down the stairs, I thought to myself, wow! you weren't walking down, you were tumbling down. The sensation was quite unique, profound and shocking.

I was lucky that I did not break some bones in the process. I was able to walk and go back to my office and report to safety committee. I was grateful that my company sent me immediately (safety officer even ask me whether I need an ambulance or not) to St. Jude hospital several miles down the 57 freeway. I was taken good care of, the X-ray was taken on both of my knee, the scrapped knee was cleaned and bandaged, blood pressure measured, temperature normal, got a tetanus shot and I was released after an hour's ordeal.

The beautiful part is that I excused myself from work today and tomorrow. I am happy that I got a chance reading a book "South of the Clouds", interesting stories about China from the view point of foreign journalist, a perfect escape of drudgery and tedious office work.

I have learned a lesson, never run down the stairs, walk instead. But I will continue walk up the stairs as part of my exercise.

I like to think I can learn any lesson in any situation without any hard feeling, pointless regret or any kind of bitterness. I have come to understand that any incident that happens to us has a cause that may be hidden from view at the time , nonetheless, it is there. I am very grateful that I have only minor bruises and aftermath soreness, nothing serious. I do not even mention this incident to my mother cause I believe once I have learned the lesson then I just let go. There is no need to recounting the incident to anyone except I have mentioned to James, and James kept telling me I was lucky coming out of it without serious injury. I feel the same way indeed.

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