Tuesday, January 06, 2004

A state of Plateau!

I started the day by calling sick this morning. I then went out for a light breakfast. Sometimes it feels good to just relax a day by doing nothing. I did try the meditation a little, but I felt I lack of concentration, so I got into a meditative sleep. I have requested many books from Library but none has arrived.

This afternoon I did a guided meditation calling on master teacher's guidance. I did not receive any messages or gain any insight. I am now probably in the state of plateau in terms of my spiritual growth. Just as Dr. Jonathan parker had predicted, we will all reach a state of no growth or plateau on this path. According to him, this is a stage of intergrating of all the knowledge, experiences and wisdom you have learned before the next ascend. I hope he is right.

I will trust my higher self to present higher level teachings to come to me, in the meantime, I will meditate, being the best person I possibly can be, read, affirm my oneness with God.