Monday, January 12, 2004

My out-of-body experiences!

Last night I had an OBE (Out of Body) experience. I clearly saw myself just floated out of wall.

The strange thing about my OBE is the place I went was never the one that I can recognize in my waking hours. For the last two years, I might have more than dozens of OBE experience, once I flew over a snow capped mountain, when I went back to my bed, I felt a chill all over as if I just came back from that place physically. The other time, I flew over an expansive water, somewhere like New York's Manhattan area. I saw the night scenery in the beautiful Manhattan area, then I again I can't be too sure that was that.

Some of them were quite educational. Once I was chased by my enemy, I thought I was well hidden, suddenly I found myself being discovered by him. He was about to use arrow to shoot me down, at that horrifying instant, my consciousness (or may be my soul) was out of my body, so in a way I escaped the painful death that I was about to face. When I was back, the first question that came to my mind was, " Have I died?", since I never looked back to my body, I was not sure.

So may times I have contemplated of what people called , "Horrifying death" or "traumatic death". Is it possible, most of the stories we heard might not be what appear to be? In the moment of pending danger, often times or not, our souls know what will happen next, and we might have just bailed out in the last minute before the impact. Yes, the bodies would look horrible, gruesome distorted figures, blood all over. But that could be just the physical appearance only. The truth is that our consciousness might have already gotten out of that body before the painful impact.

Last night I had a very different experience in my OBE. I felt that I wasn't floating on my own, there was some kind of invisible hand that directing it. I went to dark places, then when I was back, I complained to my "HIGHER SELF". I said to "IT", "What was the point of going to the places that look insignificant?" How about travel to Grand Canyon, cruise over Hawaii or go deep into the Volcano so that I got inspirational scenery and expand my traveling experience? I know there must be a purpose for my OBE.

But what I really want to experience is to be my "HIGHER SELF", the part of me that knows all and sees all. How about to experience seeing the "CLEAR LIGHT OF VOID", the merging of self to the infinite light and love of "GOD"? The experience must be mind-boggling. I only need to experience it and then I will know it. This concludes today's journal.