Friday, August 03, 2007

shining brass horse exhibition - Astral Travel

I have been away from my posting for a month mainly due to the lack of inner experience that was worthwhile for recording. I often have sporadic and vague memory of dream fragments, but most of them were just pure non sense so I did not bother to write them down. Last night's astral travel was the first after six-month of drought.

It started as my routine one and half hour meditation. After chanting the mantra, I laid down for relaxation, and then several minutes later, I felt a spiral and swirling sensation and up I went touring around my bedroom. When I was floating near the wall of my room, the incredible thing happened, I saw thousands of thousands of shining, silvery brass horse images stretching beyond my eyes can see. All the while, a shimmering fog was making these three-dimensional brass images a little more mysterious. I could not believe what I saw, so I turned around and floated to the other side of the wall for confirmation. Again, there were rows and rows of horse images stretching as if there was no more boundary of what we call wall.

Shocking of what I just saw, I swirled out of my window. As I made my way out, I felt that my feet tripped over something as if there was physical part of me banged on the concrete wall. Once I was outdoor, I floated past buildings and trees and made a daring loop so that I floated in the air with my back against a field of gravel road. There were times that I floated so low that I could easily touch the ground. From that position, I could see clearly the blue sky and the lazily drifting cloud. I had astral travel many times like this before, after a while I started thinking to myself, "what is the purpose of this flying?" Immediately, as if responding to my thought, the motion, the sensation of floating and the scenery gradually evaporated into the thin air....

Perhaps there was no purpose of my astral flying other than that it was an interesting experience. What worth noting is that I had done swirling around my room many times, this was the first that the so called wall was not really a wall when I past through it. It was rather other worldly looking, especially the vivid fog-like mist that shrouded the entire exhibition.

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