Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crashing Through - A Book

Several years ago, I read a book " Shadow Divers" from an author named Robert Kurson. This book ingrained a great impression on me for the adventure of sea diving not for the treasure hunting but for solving the mystery of U-Boat identity of shipwreck in WWII. Robert Kurson took us on this incredible journey of the seven-year search with exquisite detail and suspense. I got the chance to learn a bit about history of U-Boat, but most fascinating is the exciting and painful drama of human spirit intertwining while the story unfolded.

Several years later of today, I got another chance enjoying his second book, "Crashing Through". It is every bit of adventure and exploration considering our hero this time was blind, a victim of chemical explosion when he was only three-year old. But was Mike May a victim? Absolutely not!

As the title indicated, he lived by crashing through life day after day. He has this adventurous spirit that I often thought he was more alive than I am. Ordinary people has all of the five physical senses intact but despite of these "blessings", we often live a life quite ordinary. To May, everything is fascinating, life is literally an adventure for him. After forty some years of full, happy and joyful life, he will be facing another life changing as well as life threatening challenge. Will he dare taking the chance to become ordinary so that he can "see" the sunset and endure all the ordeal that go with the so-called privilege that is normally unavailable for the blind? Well, you shall see!

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