Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Wolf Pack - A dream

I decided to change my environment and moved into a remote village. Since land was cheap there, I afforded myself a good sized piece of land. We built a house with screen door and secured yard in place knowing that a pack of wolf was known to be roaming around the village preying on small animal.

I had a partner and a child living with me in the woods therefore the urgency of security was paramount. The house was built in a way that there was an iron-clad screen door separating a 20 feet long patio so that during the day, the child can play in the sunlight without exposing itself to the wild life surrounding it. The door to the house was double lock. I believed we had taken safety measure to the highest level given the seemingly beautiful nearby forest where we lived but potentially hidden danger looming all around.

At night, I spotted two wolves hanging close to our property. They will get close to the screen door and banged on it to test its vulnerability. Then one night, after a day's tiring activities, I suddenly realized that we forgot to have screen door locked tight. I told my partner to hurry and get that door locked before the wolves found out and got in. But it was too late. From the inside of my home, I clearly saw the wolves were jumping and banging inside of our patio. A rush of adrenaline swelled in my heart, a sense of terror and panic coursed through my body. A split second later, I found myself holding and hitting the wolf on the head when it tried to open and enter the door. I hit so hard that its head was bloody and broken and from the strength of wolf's struggle I was wounded myself. After the incident, I told myself that this was not the good place to raise a child, and I can't live like this anymore...... I woke up from my dream feeling very disturbed. I looked at the time on my alarm clock, it was only about 2:30 am.


It has been quite a while since I remembered my dream a few months ago. Never was I awoke in the middle of night with such a vivid and emotionally draining feeling. I could not make out of why a dream of wolves when things happening in my daily life are pretty much routine and uneventful. I certainly have issues that I am dealing with, but nothing unusually alarming. Dream seems trivial and frivolous but according to the esoteric teaching, a dream is a way of communication among various levels of our consciousness. I hope to understand its meaning and how it relates to my current life situation.

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