Sunday, June 10, 2007

Black Gold - A book

Once in a while I will read a book that is practical and useful for a modern living that is nothing to do with the realm of metaphysical. I found the book "Black Gold"very informative and recommend highly for it informs and educates the reader the urgent issue of rapidly depleting natural resources that so much of our modern living is depending on.

Oil, indeed is a driving force of our economy, modern amenities and comfort. As a consumer, we tend to focus only on the gas pump. About one or two years ago, whenever I saw the gasoline price soared above $3.00 mark, I got a little concern. Now we finally got used to the gasoline price hover around $3.00 to $4.00 range depending on the location and the provider.

Fossil fuel is indispensable for modern living now more than ever. This book gives us the biography and history of fossil fuel, its distribution and current estimated reserve around the world. It addressed the issues of how the discovery and usage of technology and fossil fuel advanced, modernized the world economy. Due to the limited supply can not keep up with the ferocious demand of modern living, the volatile oil producing regions could very well become the focal point of the conflict zone. As a fact it is not too dramatic to say that it is possible that our entire civilization could collapse if one day fossil fuel is completely dispensed and there is no alternative renewable energy source available to replace it. Could it be possible that the next world war will be fought on the ground of nations willing to risk millions of lives to gain control of the precious natural resources? I hope we don't come to see that!

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