Thursday, June 07, 2007

Novel - A Novelty Experience for the Mind

Have you read a good novel lately? For me it has been a long while since I took up the hobby of reading novels a few years back. Not that I don't enjoy novel, but every time when I finished reading it, I felt there was something amiss either in the ending or in the plot. I felt that I did not learn much about it except a momentary thrilling sensation that got me up all night just so that I knew what happened next.

A novel that I enjoy is a mixed blend of ancient mythology with modern technology; a novel that touch base with our mythical side of human nature and yet boggle the mind with futuristic scientific discovery that could radically revolutionize the definition of what is human. I think that is probably one of the reasons I enjoyed so much watching the "Star trek, the next generation" several years ago. It is not just about technology, it is the exploration of human consciousness beyond the present. Much of the concept in the Next Generation was ahead of its time and resonated nicely with the metaphysical realm of human consciousness.

Some mind researchers asserted that mind seeks novelty to explore and expand itself. As much as we desire stability and certainty of our daily routine, the predictability and numbness of some daily chores could be a stumbling block to prevent us from stimulating the brain for creative expression. One of the things that we can do to keep our brain cells properly stimulated and neural pathways strengthened is to regularly engage our mind in some novelty activities that are not part of our daily routine.

Reading a good novel takes our mind off to the land of imagination and visualization. Instead of watching movie with our vision, we take the imaginary ride along the story line with our mind, we savor the vividness of exquisite literary expression, we explore a far out world with landscape and scenery foreign and fresh and most importantly is the conflict, the plot, the battle of good against evil and all the convoluted schemes of story telling that keep us thoroughly entertained. In a sense, it provides us a fictional mind travel experience beyond the confine of space and time.

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