Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Doom of A Palace - A Dream

After 45 minutes of meditation, I laid back to sleep again as part of my morning routine. Since this is Sunday morning, I don't need to hurry preparing for work, so I allow myself a more luxurious no alarm policy for the rest of the morning. I dreamed..

I resided in a magnificent Palace in the ancient time and was a caretaker of the palace. The palace had nine spacious rooms, each was decorated with many historical artifacts, hand-carved vases from several dynasties and wooden life like Immortal Figurines of sophistication, and each with marble floor of various intriguing pattern design. Interestingly, some of the rooms even had roller coaster rides and motion picture theaters.

This palace was open to public all year around, except one room. Legion had it that there was a menacing evil spirit resided underground of the room in the west side. When the darkness descended and enveloped the city, you can hear a muffled groan emitting down there. I sometimes smelled a sickly, nauseating rotten flesh when approaching near the door. For years, our Imperial Martial Artists of clandestine nature were on guard at all hours. Now finally with the technology, we had devised a plan to eradicate the evil beast for good.

Due to the colossal feature of the demon and its powerful force, we estimated that the battle will be fought in a way that the palace will soon be pulverized and reduced to rubble, but luckily no life will be lost. The date of impending doom of the palace along with the cessation of beast's malicious existence was set as today.

I hurriedly ushered the visitors out of the palace ground from room to room. I approached the room and prepared myself for the onslaught of that sickly smell. I saw the Imperial Guard finalizing the position of our ultimate weapon. I was about to witness the historical significance of the event unfolding... Then I heard a succession of knocking on the door. I was startled, awoke and very much annoyed.

I got up and open my bedroom door, but there was no one there. Then I peeked down our backyard, and I saw that our next door neighbor was cutting tree branches. Well, I was disappointed of not getting the chance to see the battle.

The interesting part of the dream was its convoluted nature of blending the past with the present. I dreamed of the era of Imperial Oder, and yet there were theaters, roller coasters and a time bomb dotted the dream scenes that were clearly belong to our modern world.

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