Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surrender and Hear!

Have you ever meditated in public place? When I said in public place, I am referring to sitting in the library, riding on public transportation or just strolling around in your local park, somewhere you can relax and let go of your thought, worldly concern and other mental or emotional preoccupations.

I will close my eyes in an inconspicuous way, and let the sound of environment permeating in my every sense except the sense of sight. I found out that by shutting down the sense of eye sight, I become much more aware of other senses. In particular, the sense of hearing and smelling become more pronounced and heightened.

I have enjoyed several meditative sessions by simply sitting in my local library, closing my eyes and absorbing every instance of sound vibration in the library. I had the feeling of connectedness with whatever I heard. There were the ruffling sound of page turning of the newspaper, the sudden and rhythmic dropping of books to the book shelf, the trotting down the hallway by library patrons, the dancing dialog between the librarian and patrons, the incessant crying of little babies and high pitched voice of little children along with other countless reverberated sound that we normally will label them noises.

By inviting all sound coming into my senses indiscriminately, I was able to enjoy all that I heard. At times it was like a symphony without a conductor. The sound came from any direction, from any variation of sources and most beautifully from a myriad of instruments natural or otherwise.

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