Monday, February 19, 2007

Breaking the Mantra: "It Is in the Gene!"

Lately I read a book called "the Biology of Belief". The title seemed intriguing. How is that our intangible belief has a biological base? As I read on, I found that the concept isn't really new to me.

Ever since Watson, Crick, Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin's discovery of the double-helical structure of DNA in 1950, medical scientists has set out the mission to unravel the secret of life which is contained in our DNA. A gene can be defined as a region of DNA that controls a hereditary characteristic. Many diseases are claimed to be hereditary. If our father or grandfather had high blood pressure, or overly elevated cholesterol level, chances are that we may be prone to the same type of disease they had later in life.

What I have learned from the cutting edge science and other credible cell biologist like Dr. Bruce Lipton conveyed a very different picture of what the role of gene plays in our life. Gene is a blueprint of life, it pretty much determine how you will look from head to toe. As much as I don't like the way I look, I have nothing to say. There was one time I seriously believed that God had made a big mistake constructing me . Well, I thought IT should have at least consulted me first. After all who is the one does all the living?

To tie certain disease to certain gene is utterly overestimating the biological side of us. Our biology does not control our psychology. Scientists have discovered that some people have certain type of cancer gene embedded in the DNA, but somehow they had lived long and healthy life, the gene was dormant and was never activated. Here is the interesting question. How does that particular gene(s) get activated and wreck havoc our health? According to the scientific study, gene controls our biological function, but the other side of equation of invisible realm of psychology, life style, thought, attitude and outlook of life are the major driving force of who we will ultimately become. Since energy and matter is interchangeable and they feed into each other. We can deduct that our thought, belief, attitude and life style can have profound effect to our health down to the molecular and cellular level. Those are the determining factors of whether or not the cancer gene will be activated or stay dormant. The effect of this mindset is not limited to health alone, it can apply to every area of our life.

I thought an analogy will do justice. DNA is like a blueprint, a manuscript of life, it is there sitting in a dusty shelf of our county library. This book is awesome, it contains the secret of life. Whoever gets hold of it, reads it, studies it and applies it will be transformed overnight. To do any good, it takes A person to read the book to realize its potential. The person who does the reading and studying is transmuted, but not the book. Is it really in the gene?

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