Friday, December 29, 2006

Travel to Ancient Stone Houses - A Dream

I somehow negotiated a better house for myself. We (our family) went out inspecting the house. It was a two-story house, with spacious room, and it looked really nice. But the whole house had carpeted floor, and I remembered my house was pergo floor and I like pergo floor better. Then, I noticed that there was this huge eight-foot wide square hole in the middle of the second floor, I thought it was quite bizarre while looking at it, but then I somehow just shrugged it off and said that it should be fine with me. With this affordable price it was just a little compromise and some minor inconvenience!

Then the scene changed, I clearly remembered that I fell asleep in that house. Then suddenly I noticed there was a shadow or some entity lurking and it was trying to drag me out of my bed. I was fearful and momentarily I floated out of my bed and swirling back and forth in the room. After several seconds, I somehow commanded myself to float out of the window, immediately I was outside and saw huge maple trees bursting with beautiful yellow and red leaves around. Then I proceeded to float onto the top of the office building.

The next excursion, I was floating on top of ancient stone houses, the road was not built with concrete, but with round shaped stones. I saw ordinary people wearing black, gray or off white clothes and individual village shops dotted below. The unusual scene was that it was all black and white, no color. It was as if I was stepping into black and white moving photos. All the time that I was floating, I heard a deep monotonous chant accompanying my float. It reminded me of a choir from monks in the monastery. With that, I thought to myself, " It is time to see god".

I urged myself to float again. With my intention to see god, I floated upward this time, and I was in the middle of open space, suddenly my alarm clock was blaring off. I was quite annoyed and thought I would drop out of the sky. But instinctively I reached out of my hand to turn off the alarm and I was awaken to my normal senses. I was disappointed that I did not complete my mission.
Ever since I have selected my thesis of "Unconscious World of Dream - A Jungian Perspective", I have been trying to induce more dreams for my study. But, either my motivation was not strong enough, or I have trouble remembering my dreams. For the past two months, there were many futile attempts. Since I set my date of completion unrealistically at mid February, I have to at least get started if only just mentally preparing it.

For this morning's dream-converted-astral travel experience to happen, I had exerted tremendous amount of effort. I purposely went to bed 11:00 pm and set alarm to go off on 4:30 am, that got me plenty of sleep, and then half an hour's focus 10 exercise followed by 40 minutes meditation. So, the last time I went back to sleep was 5:45. My alarm was set to go off by 6:30 am. I know that 45 minutes might not be enough time for lucid dreaming induction, but I was willing to give it a try. After all, I need time to prepare for work.

Here are my dream analysis:

---There were several scenarios that could have prompted my awareness of incongruous nature of the dream scenery but I vaguely sensed their oddity, but did not question its validity. One of them is my remembering of my pergo floor at home, and the other is the strange big hole in the middle of the second floor. The dream signs were waving and flashing but I clearly ignored and rationalized them away. That goes to say that I need to train myself to recognize the illogical occurrences.

---I was not surprised with the shadow figure. When I first had my astral travel experiences beginning at 2003, I often sensed a force or an entity squeezing the top of my head so hard that I thought I will be crushed to death. But when that happened, I floated out of it and in a sense my consciousness needed a kick out of my body. As time went by, the floating got a lot easier. Sometimes, it was just a breeze flow around my forehead and out I went in seconds! Having no OB experience in two months, I guess a little dragging out was needed.

---For most of OB experience, I let it happen to me. I did not direct where I wanted to go. Even though I was not successful this time, at least I commanded my float and set an intention for what I wanted to do, in this case, the association of monk's chant with wanting to see god.

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