Monday, December 25, 2006

Tidal Force

The year 2006 is rapidly coming to a close. A year of one major change in my personal life but a year of quite stationary condition in my inner world. Basically I am trying to lift up myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the midst of those unforgiving tidal force of event. I admit these family feud did get into my skin from time to time but I absolutely certain that nothing that happens is truly random. There is a reason and lesson for whatever happens and I am not apologetic about it.

Retrospectively a year ago to be exact, I have in my blog page describing life as a theater that we, as actor/actress playing many roles in the saga of life. As long as the curtain is unfolded, we have an obligation to play our part well, that also include our scripted role as a villain that is most unpopular to be certain but may be necessary of our consciousness evolution.

In my inner world, I have not engaged in too much external gadgets like I did before. I come to my senses that I will continue cultivating the discipline for meditation and working on my metaphysical study. There is indeed no vacuum in my self development, I have a great sense of joy in my reading and my contemplating. I am steadily climbing the rungs of ladder, at time may be faltering and out of balance, but in a rare moment, luck may strike I will gain wonderful realization and catch a glimpse of our eternal nature. Yes, life is truly a great school beyond theatrical proportion.

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