Saturday, December 30, 2006

Critical Thinking Faculty

I followed the same routine as yesterday. After I went back to sleep at 6:15 am. I had several stand along images or episodes that were clearly meant to challenge my ability to recognize the dream signs that were so obvious if I stayed awake and aware!

  • A little baby that I was taking care of. I was not sure who he was. I thought my child has grown up. It was not possible that I had to take care of such a small baby. But the more urgent matter was that the baby had bloated stomach so large that it looked scary. I thought, well whoever he is, he need to be taken to hospital right away!
  • I heard so loudly the distinct Chinese New Year celebration marching band ringing in my ear, it was exactly what I heard from my childhood memory. I tried to turn to find out where was the source of the band, but I found my self having sleep paralysis, I couldn't move....
  • An image of a person wearing full armored navy uniform, he looked quite handsome, except there were two ugly, grayish torn boots stacked on the top of his otherwise impeccably snow-white navy cap...
In the dream, I had certain suspicion of the first episode, but my doubt was interrupted by the appearance of the sick baby. Even with the last episode, the boots were obviously out of place, I failed to realize that I was in a dream. Apparently, I got a lot more work to do!

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