Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In Search of a Subject for Thesis

I have been searching the topic of thesis for my Master Degree of Metaphysical Sciences. I need a topic that is mysterious in nature, non-fiction, is metaphysical but also have the quality of verifiable scientific evidence, meaning it has substantial volume of researched material available
in existence. Lucid dream or astral travel will not do because they are too subjective, and there is no scientific way to verify the existence of the experience. Any kind of personal metaphysical experience is not quantifiable and measurable therefore it can not be used as a subject for my Thesis.

So, I need something that can be captivating to the imagination of human kind, but also fascinating enough to generate a sense of excitement and exploration not only to the westerners but also for all mankind. So, the search continues....

I have studied various kinds of Divination systems in my Metaphysical courses, but to be proficient in any of them requires many years of experience and practice. They can not be mastered in three months. Astrology is completely out of my reach. Reincarnation has been very well documented but I have no personal experience therefore any research I do will be rehash of Dr. Ian Stevenson's work. Reiki healing is becoming popular among new age spirituality, but I have not received any training on it.

As far as Yoga, I am a student of Self-Realization fellowship, a foundation built by Sri Yogananda back in 1940's. The particular branch of Yoga taught by Sri Yogananda is Kriya Yoga. In order to receive Kriya Yoga teaching, I need to have fundamental training for one year before I will be qualified to receive Kriya Yoga. So, I can't say that I know much of Kriya Yoga yet. Let's see... Hypnosis, Channeling are not my cup of tea, as to meditation and aura viewing, I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs. So, I will have to search some more....

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