Monday, November 06, 2006

My Thesis Title: Unconscious World of Dream - A Jungian Perspective

During last week, I was diligently searching for my thesis topic. Since then I have switched gear by narrowing down the type of topic I can present in my thesis. Instead of exploring the metaphysical concept, which is quite illusive and subjective, I have decided to take on the subject of unconscious world of dream from the perspective of Jungians Dream psychology.

During summer of year 2005, I took an interest in reading Carl Jung's autobiography of Memories, Dreams and Reflections. It was a fascinating read and I felt I have some kind of kinship with Carl Jung's work. In his autobiography, he recorded several of his own mystical spiritual experiences that was quite transforming for him. The fact that he was trained as a medical doctor, and yet he never discounted his own inner world as whimsical or fanciful, he opened himself to a new vista of inner experiences of his soul.

I myself have recorded many dreams and mind travel experiences in this journal, but I have never tried to interpret its meaning or its significance. Instead, I was fascinated with the creative dream scenarios that my unconscious mind was able to produce without input from my conscious mind. There lies a collective unconscious of human psyche shared with all humanity which transcend race, gender or social status. It is a cosmic reservoir of knowledge and wisdom called akashic record that can be accessed by all of us.

Carl Jung's theory of dream psychology is very well established in modern psychology, in fact my metaphysical study presented quite a few of Carl Jung's psychological work. I am passionate about the dream work, and I also have some personal experiences. So, I have decided the title of my thesis "Unconscious World of Dream, a Jungian perspective". This thesis will consist of 5,000 words and has a very strict format of presentation. I now tentatively set a completion date of mid February of year 2007.

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    Congratulations on deciding on the topic of your thesis topic!