Friday, October 27, 2006

Bridge Construction - mind travel

The swirling sensation started and I sensed the usual floating of my mind, and off I went circling around my room several times and then out of my bedroom window. When I was outside, it was dark and cloudy. I can't see anything, so I used the technique of yelling "Clarity Now" in my mind several times, miraculously the sky cleared up and I floated in an open space.

There were dozens of industrial workers wearing bright orange color helmet and vest going about clearing the rocks on the mountain. It was a rocky mountain, and they were working on bridge construction around this area. Some of them using heavy industrial machinery to move Huge rocks, others using smaller hand held tools to cut through the smaller rocks. I observed their activity a while and then I got bored and floated out. Well I must have slipped into a dream state....

My home was on the edge of mountain, it was quite an effort to climb several big stones to enter the house. Well, I finally got to the upstairs. My house was full of spider webs, the type that was enormous. Some of them were hanging from the top of ceiling to the bottom of the floor, when sun shined on it, it was glistening and sparkling. It was quite a scene and not really scary. For some reason, I just felt I need to open my parents bedroom. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see my father got up from bed and tried to walk and sit on a chair. I yelled to my family to help him and we all congregated around him and then gradually dream faded....
My father has been ill quite a while. He is now in
Convalescence home requiring substantial daily assistance. Perhaps my wishful thinking of his recovery was the cause of the dream!

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