Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Reflection - ebook, The Handbook of the Navigator

Last week,I spent a great deal of time reading a book called "The Handbook of the Navigator' an e-book written by Eric Pepin, founder of Higher Balance Publishing. It is a free download (please click on the title to get a copy). You know, I love free stuff so off I go downloading and reading it.

It offers a unique aspect of how universe works. I could not comment on some of the creation process since I don't have his level of experience and knowledge. I believe this book need to be read several times slowly in order to be simulated to our full understanding. As the author put it " Give it thought, give it reflection and give it time".

In the chapter of "Way of The White Cell", the analogy of the macro as a reflection of micro, explaining our body is like the planet, the star and the galaxy. Many billions of micro living organisms that we call "Cell" made up of our body, working 24/7 for every second and every day of our life to sustain our existence. Isn't this an amazing thing to know? When I had paper cut on my finger, as painful as it happened, I knew I can count on the wisdom of the living organism in me to repair it in a couple of days without my conscious thought.

The chapter of "The world is Alive" is truly brilliant, and his presentation does have solid scientific base which is resonant with the concept in the "Holographic Universe".

I do have something to say for the chapter of "Migration of the Sleeper". The topic of developing the Six Sense. Much thanks to Hollywood's theatrical grandstand, the Sixth Sense seems to have a not too positive connotation. I myself have little Sixth Sense, at least not very well developed even though I have tried working on it several times. It is true that most of the spiritual teachers are very much against the desire to develop the ability especially for the beginner. There is merit on this approach.

In this world of material wonderland, fully developed Sixth Sense without proper realization of true spirituality is a dangerous water to meddle. Such person would find that he (she) indeed is able to control, manipulate or abuse the power to his (her)advantage. Due to the human nature, there is no turning back for what will happen next and even a bigger potentially dangerous next.

But on the other hand, for the genuine seeker of higher consciousness, even a tiny spiritual experience could profoundly transform one's view of life and the universe. It is a matter of knowing it by first hand experience. It is very much like trying to explain color "Red" to a blind person. You can conjure up all the vocabularies in the world to describe it, the blind can not know it until he sees it.

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