Sunday, May 07, 2006

Complete nonsense - A dream

"I was working on my computer with many applications open. When I pushed one button, a strange thing happened, one by one each window was closed one after another and then computer shut down by itself. This happened several times, and I suddenly realized that this never happen in real life, I was dreaming. Unfortunately, I woke up at that moment."

Sometime before I fully woke up, I got another strange dream

"I saw a lot of supposedly my coworkers lining up to enter an auditorium. Most of them had a plate of roasted meat on it. They walked in and seated. I did not know there was an event in my company, and I was curious where they got their food. Inside the Auditorium was dark, and every one is anticipating some kind of performance coming up.

But I could not find any familiar faces to ask about food that they had. So, I walked and looked around, then I saw two people engaging in animated discussion of some kind, and they looked somewhat familiar to me so I asked them. One of them told me that food came from the instruction given by the company. Here was the instruction, every one supposed to walk straight out from their house, making a left turn about 10 fts. And right turn for may be another 10 fts, then we should see a shop that made the food that we ordered."

A weird dream indeed! These dreams were perfect for a conscious mind to recognize the strangeness and impossibility of two events. But I failed to recognize them. The dreams were totally making sense to my subconscious mind.

A dream state could be analogous to our after life state. For ordinary people (like me), I had no control of its content and its course of action. I assume, once we shed our physical body, our conscious mind will then be blended into our subconscious mind. Subconscious becomes a commander, we will no longer be able to censor what will be played out. It is very much like a cork in the roaring ocean wave. I used to believe that mastering lucid dream is just a sideline of genuine spirituality. It is unimportant, a distraction to the sure thing. I am not so sure that is true any more. For what I have studied lately, taking control of our dream state is a perfect practice for taking control of our after life when we will be in Astral body.

Am I dreaming?