Saturday, May 13, 2006

A field of maple leaves in the sky - A Mind Travel experience

Ever since I have been using "Gateway Experience" in my lunch hour meditation, I've tried to incorporate what I have learned in my morning meditation. In the middle of this morning's meditation, I got an inspiration and thought to myself, "why not expand my consciousness from focus 10 to focus 12 and see what happens!"

When I did that, my focus shifted on the space above my head. While it stayed there, I imagined the space encompasses the entire universe. About thirty minutes later, the alarm blared, I terminated meditation and went back to my short recess. While I lied down, I experienced my first astral travel since November of 2005.

I first sensed my consciousness spiral upward and outward toward the space in my room. It was dark and I could not see anything. Then I floated toward my bedroom window out into the sky. I saw a massive field of maple leaves scatter in the sky. I thought to myself that it was too dark. As if the astral world could respond to my thought, the sky started brighten up to a clear blue. I floated in and out of the room several times and gradually the scene faded.

I noticed that the energy field of my etheric body was much denser than what I had experienced. I used to not feel anything when I floated out of the wall or window of my room, but this time I felt a prickly sensation when passing through . The energy density were different between wall and me, hence I felt a slight resistent sensation while I was floating out of it.

Another observation is that the room that I thought I floated in and out was not really my bedroom. It was much larger and I could not identify the similar furnishing as in my real bedroom.

So, where did I travel to, you may ask? There is no maple tree outside of my bedroom window. Since etheric body energy field is in different frequency than a physical one, so the etheric travel is to alternate reality entirely unlike the physical one. I have been many places that I could not identify in my surrounding physical environment while astral travel. Let's just say that this universe of ours is truly a mystery waiting for our exploration and discovery.