Monday, May 29, 2006

Am I dreaming?

"I drove my car around and suddenly I got lost. I didn't know where I was. The street, the buildings that I was in didn't look familiar. What was the date? Did I go to work? What time was it? I asked these questions to myself. I was in a state of great confusion. While I was down the street, I felt like to provoke something but then I hesitate because I was not sure I was really in a dream. The street was crowded with people and cars, and it looked very real to me. I walked and asked a lady whether the street that we were in was Colima Road, she pointed to the street next to it.

I somehow went to bed again. When I got up, I noticed there was another couple sleeping next to my bed. At that moment, I started to realize that I must be in a dream. I tested by getting up and looking at my bedspread. Yep, I was dreaming and starting to wake up."

With all the wishes that I have about lucid dreaming, my mind must have struggled along the conscious and unconscious portion in my dreaming state. I was in a semi-conscious state when I was not sure I was dreaming, but at the same time, I was questioning the validity of the dream content. A paradox indeed!