Sunday, May 28, 2006

Oneness with all ?

Ever since I walked this path, I read hundreds of books about the nature of our universe and mankind's ultimate destiny. They basically echoed the same universal thought of our oneness with God and oneness with all beings and all things. I am not challenging these exalted higher wisdom. They might be well and true.

But how in the world can we truly live, think and act that way? I have been meditating for over five years, I have not been able to really bring this philosophy ingrained into my being and live, think and act in accordance with this ageless wisdom.

Just recently, I visited Blockbuster video rental store, a gentleman presented a very good deal from Blockbuster. With about seventeen dollars a month, if I join the online video rental program, I will have a full month membership free and I can rent three videos at a time and unlimited rental. Sounds great! My mind started to calculate how I can take advantage of this deal without ever paying the fees. I can have at least 2nd and 3rd season's "24" series by renting in the first month, copying them and sending them back as fast as I can, and the good deal got better and better in my mind until I stopped myself in the track. "What are you doing ?" I asked myself. "With all the training of metaphysics, don't you realize that when you take advantage of others, you are actually taking advantage of yourself? Where is the notion of oneness with all?"

I admire the exalted ancient wisdom, but for unrealized majority of mankind, it is not an easy task to always live with this ultimate truth. Until we reach a stage of profound inner direct experience of oneness, it would only be an ideal wisdom for us to aspire to.