Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tarot Card

I have trouble following guided meditation from my Metaphysical Science study. Actually I have hard time even listening to Jonathan Parker's guided meditation when just a year ago I was absolutely enchanted with those meditations. Is there a change of heart? I am so used to the tranquility of silence that I find any guided words are disrupting and unnecessary. Stillness and silence are where we can commune with our inner self.

Lately, I have rekindled the habit of consulting Tarot card for my daily inspiration. My strongest spiritual tendency is Prophecy ( if I ever have one). People with spiritual gift of prophecy knows what they know without any physical sensation associated with the knowing. It is kind of like illumination out of blue. You just know, and don't know how you know it. Often times, I will have doubt of what I know. I am just not 100% sure of what should be done. Occasional Tarot card consulting changes everything.

In my Metaphysical Science study, there is a section of Divination presenting Tarot Card. I own a set a few years back, I remember I had a sense of fear when dealing with these cards. I did not have metaphysical background at the time. Much of divination, psychi abilities and any sort of metaphysical phenomenon would seem mysterious and fearful to me. Now that I have four or five years metaphysical study and meditation tugged in my consciousness, I am able to deal with these cards with confidence. Knowing that this is a divination tool very ancient indeed and can be traced back for thousands of years. The power of Tarot card can be tapped with proper understanding.

Tarot Card actually helps me strengthen my resolve when I have a mission or commitment to make. It brings my intangible resolution to a concrete confirmation that I desperately need at the time. Several times during the week, when I knew what was right, but since I didn't have any guide to validate what I was about to do, I looked up the tarot card after my prayer of inspiration, it provided confirmation of what I already knew to be the right thing to do. I was able to impart my knowledge with great confidence. It is not superstitious like some might think, it is just one of the tools that can help us know ourselves better.