Monday, April 10, 2006

One kind of meditative experience

From several morning's meditation, I experienced a sense of relaxed energy seemed to flow around my head area and extended to my entire being. It seemed that every molecule, every atom of my being is totally shrouded in a mist of healing energy. I now understand why I do not need a lot of sleep, because meditation is a very relaxed practice for the mind, body and soul.

According to some article from health conscious magazine, regular meditation can prolong the life of our 10 billion cells by temporary withdrawal the life force energy and by reducing wear and tear of biological decay of cells. When I experience this relaxed energy, it feels like a blanket of white cloud swirling around. The sensation is just wonderful, and in a sense it is intoxicating (I borrowed this term from Autobiography of a Yogi).

This morning without using alarm, I got up 3:00 am doing my meditation until about 4:50 am, that was almost 2 hour's meditation. I then got back to sleep, and after that, I did not really fall asleep. It felt like I was meditating while lying down, the shrouded relaxing energy continue floating in my body. When the time to get up about 6:45 am, I was ready for the day.