Saturday, April 15, 2006

Crying - A Dream

I was in some kind of warehouse or a factory. The factory was structured in different levels and sections, each section with different operation. I was there to tally and record measurement of some kind for more than 10 years operational result. I encountered some unusual cases, and I got not very conventional answer, but I was pretty sure about my finding. I somehow conveyed this finding to my boss in a tone that he did not like.

The next scene was disturbing. I sat in front of him, and he was crying furiously and wiping his tears continuously. He was contemplating to reprimand my alleged bad attitude. I recognized there were other co-workers present while the proceeding. I sensed that he needed support form other people that was why they were there. While things were happening, I just sat there emotionless. I knew I was in trouble and he was the boss, but then I just stared at him without saying anything. I could not sense what I was thinking or why I was behaving so strangely. Given a normal situation with my personality, I would have apologized profusely.

Next thing I knew, I was ready to leave this place, but had trouble finding my car. I remember parking my car next to a cafeteria, but it wasn't there. I went section after section throughout whole factory, I still could not locate my car. Then suddenly the whole factory became a rock climbing facility. I saw the steep column of rocks arranged like a big wall....

The dream faded and I awoke with uneasy feeling, especially the image of boss crying.