Thursday, April 27, 2006

My hero teammates - A Dream

"I lived in a beautiful quarter with several national heroes. My impression was that these heroes were not very well liked by established authority. I suddenly heard a helicopter hovering in the air above our living quarter. The helicopter was dispatched by government. The tactics of the helicopter was to use the loud and whirling sound to break down the coherent structure of light saber and our high tech equipment.

After a while, the heroes could not stand the noise and ready to take the matter to their own hand. I saw several of my teammates rode on a very well equipped motorcycle with light saber stretching. The motorcycles can be airborne, they flew out of the window of our living quarter and battled with the helicopter in the sky. The motorcycle was glittering under the sun light and light saber was pretty cool looking, a glowing white. Then came the next scene, the battle was won, and I was ready to go out and celebrate our victory with those heroes. My neighbor helped me pick a dress and they also appraised of my staying with those brave men. But I am not sure what was my relationship with those men. I also did not have any impression of how they looked like. The detail is fuzzy....."

When I woke up, only 15-minute has passed after my lying down at 6:30 AM.

Dream is like morning dew, as soon as sun rises, it disappears in an instant!