Friday, February 10, 2006

Meditative effect

I don't know if there is any reference about intoxicating feeling in meditation either in book or in Internet. So far, I could not find any information that can describe what I have felt while meditating. I first heard and read in "Autobiography of a Yogi" referring a deeper meditative sensation as "intoxicating".

I personally have not used any substance or gotten drunk for that matter, I certainly did not have experience of being intoxicated. I suspect the feeling can be somewhat similar to the blissful feeling in many of our extraordinary experiences when we are so focused, time seems to stop, and we are "in the zone". I remember when I read the book "Disapperance of Universe", there is a section of conversation mentioning the bliss of communion with the cosmic consciousness as thousands times more profound than anything we will experience in our normal life. I reckon my experience is not as fantastic, it is may be miniscule in proportion.

The reason I want to explore this subject is that no one has mentioned about that level of experience in definitive term. I heard and read about benefit of long-term meditation. It is well established that regular, deep meditation relaxes body, mind and spirit, even more astounding is that regular meditator can retard aging process due to the profound effect on some of the hormone producing glands. It is like having a second wing. Well, speaking of second wing, it is due to regular practice that I had many wonderful conscious astral travel experiences. To be true to my intention, I use meditation as a means for my spiritual advancement, I am not too concerned about my physical well being. Having understood the true nature of our existence, I have come to realize that the physical aspect of self is insignificant in comparison of our grander multi-dimensional self.

Last several months, I have not had single astral travel experience even though I have meditated in earnest, one and a half hours in the morning and forty five minutes during lunch hour. I surely missed it. I can understand that with the current level of my development, I simply have no control over the frequency of its occurence. I will learn what I need to learn at any given moment, and the knowledge and wisdom will unfold and reveal to me at its natural course. I can not expedite the process. There is time for everything.