Sunday, February 19, 2006

An initiation - Our Ultimate Reality (Adrian Cooper)

Every single experience, positive, negative or indifferent happens for a reason, and in full knowledge of your Higher-Self. Each such experience is an opportunity to make progress towards a full initiatic experience and should be joyfully accepted as such without complaint, taking it personally and above all without blaming others.

Every single situation was known and chosen before we incarnated for its value in our ultimate evolution. If we fail the initiation then we have to experience similar circumstances over again until we finally pass the initiation which in some cases might take many "lifetimes". Therefore we must look closely at every event, however insignificant, dire or indeed joyful it might seem and ask ourselves these simple but important questions:

1) What does this event mean?

2) Why has it "happened" at this particular time?

3) What must I do to accept this situation, learn from it and never have to face it again?

In asking these questions and facing every situation we are presented with, however large or small, "good" or "evil", horrific or joyous, we can face the situation with total confidence and
ultimately prevail, thus attaining an important initiation towards our ongoing evolution.

Important points to keep in mind are:

1) There is no such thing as "chance". Everything happens for a reason.

2) Everything that happens to us we chose and knew before we incarnated.

3) We are never, ever, ever presented with a situation that is beyond our current ability to prevail. No harm can come to us.

In knowing, understanding and living our lives accordingly we can not only save ourselves considerable suffering, we can also save ourselves potentially many physical incarnations, because whatever a person fails to achieve in a current lifetime they will need to return again to pass that initiation in a further lifetime.

This is also a solution to the secret of "alchemy". The legend of the transmutation of base metals into gold is actually symbolic of the process of the transmutation of our base characteristics into the gold of perfection. The biblical fable of the turning "water into wine" is exactly the same process and meaning.

Knowing these important facts we can face life joyfully and with confidence, being thankful for every situation we are presented with as an opportunity to progress, in the knowledge that we are never presented with a situation that is beyond our capability, and above all no harm can ever come to us.

From Ultimate Reality Newsletter -Adrian Cooper