Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life's challenges never end

I found myself being challenged again and again with various circumstances and with different people at work. Well, where else will be? Perhaps I should be cheerfully said, "Why not me?" I am just lucky to be situated in this school of hard knock. I then remember what Jonathan Parker said about situations and circumstances were specifically created for our benefits. Our enemy is not truly our enemy. They were just assigned by the divine to play a role of villain in our stage play. We should thank them for they were kind enough and brave enough to play such an unpopular role.

Seven weeks ago the saga just started when we had negotiated a different contract with a customer. Alas! things were never that simple. A goodwill gesture turned into a tug of war. A war about money, a war about ego. Essentially, our ordinary existence is to protect, nourish and enlarge our ego consciousness. Hence, the saga continues.....