Friday, October 07, 2005

Jason, the tiger - A Dream

I got up at 5:00 am, the meditation was not going well, the images, random thoughts came in and out of my conscious mind. I decided to lie down for 15 minutes before the alarm sounding at 6:30 am. After several minutes later, I had this familiar swirling sensation around my head area, then I floated round and round. I found myself in a warehouse, I was walking down aisle between rows and rows of racks that hanged industrial, heavy duty clothes. Not a soul was around. After a while, I felt a little bored of seeing rows of clothes, so I decided to fly up to the ceiling. When I got up there, I also saw racks of khaki Jeans and coats, all made of same heavy duty material...

I lied down the second time... My mom and I went shopping in a department store. The store was not very organized and people work there have very strange behavior. I came up and asked a clerk some question, I got a blank stare back from him.

My mom went to hardware section, she picked up something mechanical, some kind of unusual instrument, the kind of thing that my son will be interested but definitely not my mother. But I went along with the item and curious about the use of this equipment. We were waiting in the check out counter, I suddenly realized that my purse was not with me. I walk back several steps and tried to think and then I immediately got back to the check out line and found the purse was right there on the floor next to the counter. But I did not see mom. She might have paid the item and left.

The day is getting late and dark, I was worried. I went to the parking lot and called her many times, but there was no response anywhere. I then met a girl about 10 year old. I asked her if she was familiar with this area. While we were talking, I saw a mass image of gold and black stripes moving my way. At that time the girl said, "please meet Jason, the tiger." My heart skipped several beats, I was frightened. Somehow I managed to remember projecting love to the tiger. The tiger now running and jumping around us, I kept at the mantra of projecting love. Then suddenly the tiger jumped right in front of me and unexpectedly put its massive head toward my belly. It was just like my bird fluffy, he will lower his head when I touch him so that I can massage him. So, I touched the head and back of tiger, it felt like touching a carpet...

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