Sunday, October 16, 2005

The truth!

From beginning of time, mankind is searching for the truth of our identity. Is it accident or is it by design that we are born into earth plane to pain and pleasure? Is there something call fate or destiny? Do we have free well in the midst of our destiny?

I don't have answer for all of them, but with my understanding, I don't think truth has been conveyed in an enlightened manner. Majority of mankind are sleep walking, spending lots of energy doing the things that have little consequence, while failing the grade by doing the things that are seeming monumental to our temporary existence.

Religion tells us to do good, be good, you reap what you sow, "Do unto others as you want others do unto you?" The problem is no one bothers to tell you why you should do that. Well some people argue, because the law of Karma, you get what you put out. But why?

One of the truth is that we are one and the same. We might have ten thousand, ten million or ten billion faces, those faces are fragments of God, sparks of God. Through us, God experiences. So, it is probably correct to say "We are gods".

A human body is composed of many different organs, every organ has different function, one is not better than other. But by every organ working in concert, our life is sustained. Who is to say that heart is more important than liver? To support life, every part has to do its share, or life is lost. Every cell of our body could be compared to every individual in the planet earth. Every one of us is an expression of God. By living in concert and in harmony with each other, we are fully expressing God in highest level, we are then in good health, enjoying happiness.

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