Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The first small taste of lucid experience

I got up 4:55 am, had about 1 1/2 hours meditation to 6:30 am , I then intended just to rest a few minutes. Within the next 15 minutes, I had a dream that I believe I was lucid and was able to control and direct my thought. I woke up feeling odd, happy and could not stop laughing at myself.

I drove to the direction of international airport. I parked my car and for some reason I needed to get something in the car, I looked up and down the parking lot and could not find it. I thought that was strange cause I just parked it a minute ago.

I walked into the busy terminal, crowds were all over the place, people were standing and walking shoulder to shoulder, at that point, I gained some lucidity and purposely touched the luggage, travel bags and thought to myself, "It is so real". I suddenly remember the book that I read about lucid dream and what people do when they are lucid. I decided I want to kiss someone. So, I searched male passengers that is at least ok-looking and find one person standing there as if he was waiting for someone. He had mustache and not bad looking, I approached him and kissed him on the lips, I really did not feel anything particular except the bristle touch of his mustache.

I stood in the terminal a while trying to figure out what I wanted to do next that I was lucid. I thought I like to fly. In the instant that I out-stretched my arms, off I went flying. I flew to the top corner of the terminal, looking down enjoying hustles and bustles of frenzy activities below. Knowing that nothing can hurt me, I purposely flew past the concrete walls of the terminal and landed on the other side. And then I thought to do the 360 degree spin over just to see how it felt, while I was spinning I also started to wake up.

I woke up smiling. Wow, that was the first lucid dream I have experienced.

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