Thursday, September 22, 2005

Calea Z, "Leaf of God"?

Eight months ago when I started to learn Lucid Dreaming, I cam across websites and some books mentioning Calea Z, a dream herb, that is also called "Leaf of God". I managed to get 24 capsules just several days ago.

I tried three nights in a row taking 2 capsules the first two nights and 3 capsules the third night. Guess what? I had no recall of any dreams at all during these three nights. It is like my memory was being wiped out to a clean slate. This herb was supposed to help me to have vivid, lucid dream. My experience was completely opposite of what it supposed to do. I was really disappointed. Well, after the uneventful third night, I decided to give it a rest for three days, and I will pick it up again on Friday and will increase the dosage to 4 capsule.

Some people also mentioned about having a sense of well-being and clarity of consciousness after taking Calea Z, but I simply could not experience anything good or bad.

I don't know this herb that I bought is really Calea Z, but I did open the capsule and tasted a tiny bit of it, and it was very bitter just as some books have described.

Tomorrow, Friday, I will resume taking the "Leaf of God" and see what happens.


  1. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I've just been researching this plant for an exam I have this week. I found somewhere that mentioned the methods of administration historically being either drinking it, as a tea, or smoking it, as a cigarette, before bed. I hope this helps. good dreaming!

  2. I never has any luck with Calea Z, but thanks for your comment.

    Ming Chen

  3. I too had some disappointing experiences with calea z that I write about on It's strange to me that people have such different reactions. I think I psyched myself up way too much and put too much pressure on my mind for something to happen.

  4. Hello Ben,

    Glad that you stopped by my blogger. I have visited your website,there are some very interesting articles.

    Lately, have you discovered any reliable method to induce lucid dreaming apart from buying some expensive gadgets?

  5. i have tried this leaf, i felt off for quite awhile, by this i mean that when i smoked it, it was like not like smoking a cigarette, and i also read that an average dose to induce vivid dreams is in the gram or 2 range, of dried leafs that is, for a more introspective dose its better to steep a handful leafs and then smoke a joint of the leafs after

    i had a dream that felt really real, minus that i was watching it, and then the next day when i was talking to my manager about my weird dream i was told that it had happened... to the extent that in my dream i was in my managers place

    i have never tried injesting the leaf and dont think that it would do much unless what you swallowed was a concetrated extract of what ever if the active ingredient

    dreams happen even if you dont remember them, technically your not sapposed to, but that doesnt mean you can make them appear more often, i dont suppose you have a dream journal handy by your bed, cause it makes it easier to understand what exactly a dream feels like before you can reconize that your having a lucid dream not a visual thought

    gray areas are hard to describe

  6. Hi Vernon,

    Thanks for your comment. I have long since left behind my desire for learning lucid dreaming through any artificial means.

    I figure that my ultimate goal is to reach a state of being of liberation and freedom. There are many avenues to achieve it. Lucid Dreaming is just one among many.

  7. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Never tried this herb but I have taken Fo-Ti and found it very useful for vivid dreams and dream recall. I just thought I'd share that since I've been thinking of trying Calea-Z

  8. Anonymous6:22 PM

    i recentlly tryed k2 and got high as fuck off it but it is illeagal in iowa where i live so i was gunna order it but i came accrossed this leaf of god stuff hopeing it would have the same desired effect seeing as i am on parol and need to pass drug tests and i just tryed it but im not sure its gunna be a good get fucked up high thing maybe its more just like a dream thing from what iv read on this site idk i mean i kinda feel a little buzzed but not like the k2 that stuff gets u fuckin high like weed for sure and the next day i passed my drug test so maybe ill just get some k2 peace out holmes

  9. Anonymous1:07 PM

    k2 is very bad for you