Monday, September 12, 2005

"The Justice On the Grass" A Book by Dina Temple-Raston

I have read a book, "The Justice On the Grass" recounting the 1994 Rwanda Massacre by Dina Temple-Raston. It is a story of Tribunal's media trial. A must read for people interested in the unfolding and underlying historical causes of genocide in Rwanda.

Millions of people were swayed by decades of hatred and media incitement, Rwanda was a Dante's Inferno. The incident was so profound, even now when anyone mention Rwanda, genocide is the first thought that pop into people's mind. And this happened just a decade ago in the late Twentieth Century, a recent history.

In the book, the author indicated that Nazi's extermination of Jews took about nine years to manifest, a million lives were lost, but Rwanda lost about 800,000 people in a span of only 100 days. The killing were quite efficient. It was like entire nation was hypnotized by the sphere of hatred and completely lost their senses in the mindless killing spree, humanity at it's darkness.

For me who is in the path of wanting to know the truth of the universe, I often ask, "Have these people learned a lesson in their lifetime?" "Are these experiences necessary for the growth of souls?" I don't know the true answer, but from want I have learned and experienced, I know that all pain and suffering are life lessons in disguise, it meant to be a spiritual test; just like the test in which I am now undergoing.

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