Monday, July 11, 2005

Sculpting workshop! A Dream

Sculpting workshop!

This morning, I woke up 5:30am to practice my one hour meditation. I finished meditation at 6:30am, and intended to lie down for just 5 to 10 minutes.

Within that 10 minutes, I dreamed of attending a sculpting workshop. There were many people attending the workshop, we were all assigned a boarding room. When finished the workshop, I strolled down the various room to look at other people's work (but I have no impression of what they were) . While leisurely walking, I suddenly realized that I did not have my purse with me, I thought of going back to my room where I stayed overnight, but I forgot how to get there.

So, I walked and thought of what to do next. Then I stumbled into a huge auditorium and saw many people working on their sculpture. I suddenly noticed that all the way to the top of the ceiling, there was my purse, billboard sized, had James picture and my credit cards layout just like when I open my purse. So, I walked in and felt elated. As I walked closer, the image disappeared. That was not my purse after all.

The scene then changed. I was lying on a baby crib, there were wooden bars on all sides. I distinctly heard two women talking next to my bed, I struggled to hold on the wooden bar and tried to get up to see who's talking, but I can't, I was in a state of paralysis. Although I heard the talking loudly, and able to distinguish two women's voice, but I can't comprehend what they were talking, it might as well that they were talking Hebrew. While I struggled to get up, I woke up, there was only 10 minutes passed since I lied down after my meditation.

Now, what would happen if I was lucid when I saw my billboard sized purse in the auditorium. I would probably say to myself, how absurd, how can my purse be so big? I must be dreaming. well, if my conscious mind kicked in at that moment, I might tell myself, "don't worry, it's only a dream, my purse is safely right next to my bed. Since I am in a dream, let's see what others do." I will stroll down the auditorium at ease, enjoy and appreciate other people's sculpting. Lucid dream can change an anxious situation to a blissful enjoyment of ordinary thing.

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