Friday, July 15, 2005

Hope for lucid dreaming rekindled!

I still don't have any luck in lucid dreaming. Last weekend, I borrowed a book from Library, The Sun and the Shadow, when I got the book, I just mentally brushed off as another lucid dreaming book like others. All the books that I read, either author was extremely talented and lucid dreaming came naturally for them or author presented the techniques that I followed to the dot, and I still don't get it after many months trying.

A meditator himself, Kenneth Kelzer suggested using meditation as a springboard for lucid dreaming. He will have one hour early morning meditation, followed by giving himself suggestion that he would have a lucid dreaming upon returning to sleep. He was successful for about once every two weeks. That is a great idea. I myself also do early morning meditation about 4 or 5 times a week. After I read a couple of chapters, I have tremendous hope for the possibility of lucidity in my dream.

"Expect nothing, be ready for anything", that is the attitude.

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