Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The benefits of Lucid dreaming

Understanding the benefits of lucid dreaming, extracted from "The Sun and the Shadow" serve as an inspiration for my continuing cultivation of lucid dream. I don't have even a single lucid dream for the last six-month period when I started this project. Hopefully by understanding the benefits will propel me continuing my experiment.

Lucid dream provides a person with an experiential base for seeing all of the cosmos as "lucid", that is, ultimately composed of energy and light, rather than dense, physical matter.

Lucid dreaming provides a person with a basis for cultivation an "energy consciousness" in his own mind.

Through lucid dreaming a person can advance toward the further cultivation of intuition.

Through lucid dreaming, a person can transfer the quality of mental lucidity into waking state.

Through lucid dreaming, a person can learn to sense more quickly and clearly any negaive forces that may be approaching and can learn how to get out of harm's way more quickly.

Through lucid dreaming a person will often feel great surges of positive energy upon returning to the waking state.

Through repeated experiences of lucid dreaming, a person is increasingly motivated to develop a "transformational consciousness"

In the lucid dreaming state a person can see clearly the direct relationship between his own thoughts and his manifestable reality.

Lucid dreaming can provide people with a natural experience of ecstasy.

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