Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Vibrating Alarm!

Since Sunday, I carry a vibrating alarm around me during the day. I set up hourly interval to remind myself to do a reality check. There are four steps for reality checking

1. Ask myself, Am I dreaming or am I awake? Look around, check any text or clock available, look at it, turn away and look at it again. Has the text or time changed for the second or third look?

2. Ground myself, Take a deep breath three times, relax and feel my body within

3. Then imagaine if I am dreaming, what would I do, how would it feel to be conscious and awake in my dream

4. Affirming " Next time I am dreaming, I am going to realize that I am dreaming", feel it, believe it

The vibrating alarm and reality check methods come from Lucid Sage http://lucidsage.com

The alarm is a wonderful tool. I used to do the reality check only when I remember doing it, now every hour, the vibrating alarm will remind me of doing reality checking. Due to the habit of checking and setting process, I become keenly aware of the passage of time. Now I realize what is that mean when we say "The time is ticking way".

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