Thursday, April 14, 2005

A party without food -A Dream

A party is taking place at my new home. The design of new home is odd, especially the kitchen area. There are column type of structures from the entrance of the kitchen all the way near the stove. I can't quite reach the stove area, without moving stuff or to bumping into some things.

There is a little drinking fountain next to the sink. It is kind of funny when someone ask what is the drinking fountain for? Immediately, my brother Albert simply move the fountain over the wall above the stove and turn it on. Now it looks like a sprinkler and make the kitchen area all wet. On the other corner of the kitchen, I see some worms crawling all over some appliances, that have everyone's appetite completely turned off. But I can see James is making something in the frying pan. It is a party without much food. Albert and his wife are now ready to step out of the house to get some real food.......

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