Saturday, April 16, 2005

Keys to dreaming true

Since most of my books that I read are borrowed from local library, There is a time-frame limitation of 3-weeks and another 3-week renewal for my study. Some books can not be practiced and digested in only 3 or 6 weeks, so I like to copy down some good verses for future reference. "Dreaming True" from Robert Moss,

Several keys for Explorations on waking from dream

1. Trust your feelings, listen to what your body or feelings are telling you.

2. Reality check, Ask yourself whether it is remotely possible that you will encounter the scenes and events in your dream in waking life.

3. Write a personal one-liner, simply sum up the content of the dream as briefly as possible.

4. Ask the two vital questions, What do I need to know? and what do I need to do?

5. Go back inside the dream, The meaning of a dream lies inside the dream itself; that is to say, inside the full dream experience, as opposed to the memory of the dream, which is often fragmented and garbled. The best way to get at the meaning of the dream and determine if the message should be taken literally or symbolically is to reenter the dream. The best time to go back inside the dream is fairly soon after waking.

A quite, protected environment, the ability to relax, set clear intention, use vivid picture will enable one to do that.

6. Determine what action is required and do it.

These are the pointers that I like to remember to do upon waking from a dream.

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