Thursday, April 28, 2005

A hypnotherapist? sounds good!

"I have a computer that once I log onto the Internet, I can see a good sized live aquarium. I see different color fish swimming around in real time, it is cool. I share my computer with people in different shift. Technician are present to fix some cable....

I talk to a counselor about the program that I like to get involve, strange thing is the counselor speaks Chinese during the counseling, and I have difficulty understanding what he said. Even though my native tongue is Mandarin, but I am so removed from Chinese culture, now the language of my dreams and my thoughts are mostly in English. I tell the person counseling me that I like to get into a career of being able to help people. Well, that is quite vague! May be a hypnotherapist?....." a very fragmented dream recall!

More than twenty years ago, Dr. Weiss published a book called: Many lives, many masters. It is such a profound work, this work opened a vast uncharted water in human psychology. Could it be possible that everyone of us has many levels of consciousness? and we are able to tap into the super conscious by using the art of hypnosis? The most precious of this book is the wisdom it tells about how life works, why are we here, the purpose of reincarnation, the lessons we supposed to learn. Under hypnosis, Catherine possessed a vast store of knowledge that was not accessible during her waking life. I was and still fascinated with the power and potentiality of hypnosis.

Lately, I started to contemplate the possibility of getting professional hypnotherapy course and practice hypnotherapy. I am always interested in metaphysics. That is one of the main reasons that I am now walking this path. Then why not work on the field that I believe in and interested in, so that I fulfill my life's intention and purpose? The more I think of it, the more I believe this is my true calling. Yes, it's may be twenty years late, but hey, we are eternal, twenty-year is not even a drop in the ocean. it is perhaps a thousandth of a drop in the ocean of eternity.


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