Monday, April 25, 2005

Bedding store and creative painting - A Dream

We have a store in a mall, the store is operated by two different business, one side is jewelry exhibition, the other side is bedding supplies. We happen to manage the bedding side.

In a morning before taking care of business, I need to wash my face and put my make up on, but looking all over the bathroom shelf, I don't see any cleaning cream, and I start to blame my mother for having all kinds of moisturizers and creams but don't have any basic cleaners....

I see an artist sitting on the edge of a pond and dabbling a very creative water color work. He is very skillful, by mixing and matching, he painted a very beautiful mountain surrounded by a large lake....

I am sure these scenes are just fragmented parts of a larger, more complex dream work. Isn't it interesting that our dreams have little continuity and consistency from one moment to another? Or may be we just have faulty memory, like my case, I can only remember the tail end of my dreams.

The first episode is to remind me not to overly critical of others. I agree with the teaching of this dream. I sometimes criticize my mom on various things, but believe it or not, I also tolerate a lot of her repeated undesirable behavior. But one thing that I have learned is that I don't harbor any (ill) bad feeling. Since earth is a big school, and we all come here to learn, it is understandable we mess things up all the time. We simply need to learn whatever present to us at the moment and move on.

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